Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday!

Here is some really interesting information about Black Friday. Did you know that 27 percent of women take out payday loans? How crazy is that? Brought to you by Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What to Wear if You are Invited to a Beach Wedding


 You are invited to a beach wedding, such as Palm beach wedding,  and just like as much fun as the idea is, so there is a problem of deciding what to wear to such kind of wedding. If you are still unsure about what to wear to the wedding, it seems good to ask the newlywed couple about what the wedding is going to be. This will give the opportunity to dress up 'differently' from the others. It means, you can look very beautiful, stunning and stylish in your finery. By consulting this simple guide below, find out about beach wedding attire for women and men.

Beach Wedding Attire for Women
The Dress
Depending on the formality of the occasion, you can choose the proper length of the dress you are to wear. If that’s a more formal evening event, then choose a long, flowing gown in such colors as blue, brown, or salmon pink. For a morning wedding, you can wear a long dress in orange, yellow, pink, blue, green, or even red. If you want it shorter, then go for knee length, with soft prints on it. It’s better to avoid white, since it may overshadow the bride. It would be more appropriate to go for solid colors like dark blue, black or brown, for an evening beach weddings. And remember: the lighter you are dressed at a beach, even for a wedding, the more comfortable you will be.

The Shoes
Since the ceremony will be held on sand, it’s much better to wear flats instead of heels that sink into the sand every time you take a step. Besides, there is a great choice of flat sandals that will help complete your outfit, so don't be afraid of looking terrible because you can't wear heels.

Beach Wedding Attire for Men
The Outfit
Men do not usually wear a three piece suit to a beach wedding, so you can easily exclude that option. The best outfit will be a pair of light colored linen pants with a button down shirt in light or dark blue, beige, light green, orange, or salmon, with the shirt full or half sleeved. It is a Hawaiian wedding, you can freely wear a tropical printed shirt with a pair of shorts and flip-flops. Try to avoid colors like grey and black, even if the wedding takes place at evening. In any case, keep a light woolen jacket, in case it gets colder.

The Shoes
The ideal shoes for men at a beach wedding are sandals or canvas deck shoes and nothing too formal or too casual. Make sure the sandals fit the overall outfit and serve a perfect complement to your entire image.


By The Breakers Palm Beach

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ti Sento Jewelry: Adornment at its Finest!

Have you seen all of the arm candy on everyone lately? I have so many pins on my Pinterest with arms bejeweled with layers of sparkly and shiny bracelets laden with gems, all jumbled together for a full arm of bangles.

Ti Sento Jewelry has so many pretty options, I want to layer them all!
Tortoise shell with the hanging charm  is so chic
The structured bangle is great for layering with other linked bracelets
With the cubic zirconia ring as the clasp, a bit of detail makes it unique

Pick a color, any color!

LEATHER is SO in right now. Why not take inspiration from jackets, pants, and skirts and wear a leather bracelet? Especially with the links, these are so cool!

These remind me of the Hermes bracelets I previously posted about. Fine grained leather and a simple clasp make these timeless.

Perfect for catching the silver tones in an outfit.

How sweet is this little heart charm?

Ti Sento Jewelry also has beautiful pendants, rings, and earrings that are simple yet refined, very well-made, and perfect for the classy lady.

All of these Charm Earrings are interchangeable. How convenient would that be? Buy the earring base and then change according to your outfit. Ti Sento has so many pretty colors, these would be a wonderful investment.
The smoky gray color would match just about any outfit. I love the cushion cut stones

These elegant drops would be perfect for an evening out or a soiree.

The leather trend can even be drawn over into pendants!

Inspiration from Kate Middleton, perhaps?

Chain links have been everywhere this season. I love the idea of bringing that into a delicate ring. Especially with one link of cubic zirconia!
A beautiful eternity band that could be layered or worn alone.
This reminds me of SJP's wedding ring on SATC!

This would look great with the smoky quartz earrings.
 Ti Sento means "I feel you" in Italian, and they certainly weren't lying when it comes to how women feel about jewelry. It's a lifelong love affair.
I hope you enjoyed browsing the styles, and let me know how you will wear some of them!
Stay fashionable, divas!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Terence Paul Lanza: A Hair Dream!

Isn't it nice when an brand separates out its products into categories so you don't have to search like crazy for the effect you want? 
Terence Paul Lanza products do exactly that: No matter what hair remedy you're looking for, Terence Paul Lanza has many lines that will cater to your needs. 
I ALWAYS need products that volumize my hair. Yes, I have a lot of hair, but it's very fine, and I love that 1960's volume. With their "Healing Volume" line, every different serum, shampoo, conditioner, etc. is specialized for volumizing hair. 

The Healing Volume collection

This daily treatment from the line thickens the hair strand from within 

Using this volumizing conditioner will naturally thicken the hair after shampooing

The root lifter will help add some "oomph" before styling or blow drying

This zero-weight gel will add height to hair without weighing it down

With all of these in my arsenal, I don't see how I could have another bad, limp hair day.
Along with this line, Do you have hair that breaks? Or hair that is affected by much time in the sun? What about trying to take care of your expensive dye job, always worrying about washing out the color that you covet?
Terence Paul Lanza has lines for every hair worry.
Try the Healing Moisture line for dry, straw-like hair:
The Healing Colorcare line for those fashionistas with color:
The Healing Strength line for those with breakage or weak hair:

The Healing Smooth line for those with frizzy or uncontrollable 'dos:

And the Daily Elements line that is for everyday maintenance:
The wonderful thing is that every line has the same amount of sub-products that my Volumizing line has. So, you can wash your hair with the volumizing shampoo, condition it with the breakage shampoo, style it with the weightless gel, and so many other combinations to be customized to you!
Not many other lines offer this versatility. 
I hope you divas looking for new hair care products will consider Terence Paul Lanza!